write, design, and embody

I’m Jessie Kate Bui, but you can call me Jessie Kate. My Mom thought it sounded like a fashion brand when she named me and I’ve signed my name Jessie Kate ever since ;)

I’m a Storytelling Coach based in Los Angeles, CA. I also project directed and co-authored Talking Threads: costume design for animation, games, and illustration. Which led me to co-teaching History of Fashion at Art Center and creating online costume design and story mentorships before I eventually launched my newest offering 1:1 Brand Story Intensives for entrepreneurs.

I help visual storytellers and entrepreneurs all over the world use powerful psychology and design tools to articulate their emotional journeys into transformative visual narratives.

addicted  to  artful  transformation
While I didn’t end up a fashion designer like my Mom imagined, I’m not ruling out the possibility ;)

Always fascinated with the story behind design, I found myself taking on an epic costume design project for over 7 years...It was an amazing experience but my creative transformation wasn’t over yet.

I became a visual storyteller to share what helped me create a stronger sense of self trust and self love. By creating and designing a completely original story inspired by my own unique struggles and insights, I learned that visual storytelling has the power to help us overcome stigma and define a new sense of self. So I created my signature storytelling process, the Parallax Method. Which allowed me to share my tools and techniques beyond the entertainment industry.

If you’d just like to know more about me or are curious about costume design for animation, you can check out some of the interviews and costume design discussions below. 

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