fear is a matter of perspective
Parallax is the original story that helped me process my fears and change my life. A story about seeing from another perspective to conquer fears, challenging stigmas to discover your true self, and empowering diverse points of view to see beyond your limited perspective.

In a time where mental health and diversity are at the forefront of the social conversation, Parallax merges both into a magickly metaphorical journey.
Adventure, Supernatural, Psychological
17+, Mild Violence
Maniac meets Undone
A con artist gets more than she bargained for when her most recent grift triggers a constant supernatural vision state. Now stuck seeing the personified fears of those around her, she find temporary escape when she puzzles out the origin of the fears. But will she be able to find a way out of this vision for good before she loses her sanity?


"When you live in your future or your past, you betray yourself."

Cursed into a constant supernatural vision state, she is bombarded with people’s deepest fears personified.

Determined to escape this curse and preserve her sanity, she finds temporary relief when she puzzles out the truth behind the visions. Along the way she learns to connect with others and learns to see her ominous curse as an unlikely savior.

In a pseudo modern reality, a huge walled city sits in the middle of a lonely desert. In the midst of the dense city, Indi is a con artist out for her next job. Jaded and disconnected from others, Indi never sticks around very long, but during her latest grift as a fortune teller, things get complicated and her false identity quickly becomes an unsettling reality.


Indi is a transient con artist who’s latest grift as a charismatic fortune teller threatens to expose her deepest fears.


Amy is a friendly and nurturing neighbor who reaches out to Indi in her greatest moment of need.


Breaking into Indi's fortune shop, the old women triggers a supernatural vision that sends Indi on a journey to preserve her sanity.


The Witch Hunter is an obsessed peacekeeper who's familial connection with Indi is in conflict with his duty to his city.


With a story driven by seeking diverse perspectives and a creative fascination with the unique opportunities and limitations of transforming a story into a game, animation, comic, or live action, Parallax was built to be transmedia project.

Each funded stage of the projects below providing more work opportunities for underrepresented creatives.
Join the STORY MEDIUM course to see my signature story and design methodology in action as I develop the story, cast, and world of PARALLAX.

With lifetime access ot the core lessons, participants will also gain ongoing practical insights as I explore each medium and it's unique challenges. Helping independant creatives find more clarity on the role of medium choice in their projects.


PARALLAX is a third person narrative adventure game about a character who has to unpuzzle psychic visions to discover new powers, awaken witches, and conquer the Witch Hunter. The game is a mix of puzzles, exploration and supernatural fighting. Improving the ability to unpuzzle your own fears and use metaphors to help you gain new perspective, spark meaningful discussion with friends, and nurture courage to take actions to conquer fear in your own life.


The limited series brings to life the original fictional story arc that inspired the parallax method. A 9 episode adult animation in the stylistic vein of Riot's Arcane and Satoshi Kon's Paprika. Pulling from Jessie Kate's own challenges, with themes of breaking down lies, finding peace with your trauma, and tapping into your unique internal power.


Co-authoring each issue with an underrepresented creator, Jessie Kate will help them develop their unique mystic, weaving their real world experiences and challenges into the fictional world of parallax. From powers based on neuro-divergence and gender identity, to anxiety and physical disabilities, each mystic will represent facing the psychological trial or societal stigma that come with their differences. Providing more realatable heros and metaphors for those suffering from similar challenges.


Exploring the original battle between witches and witch hunters that led to the loss of magick in the Parallax world, this fictionalized tale takes place in a pseudo 15th century and leads up to the publication of the infamous treaty on witchcraft, "Malleus Maleficarum". Following a female lead who faces a Witch hunter determined to destroy all knowledge of her unorthodox discoveries.