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The Parallax Method was created in response to a series of life changing events that I experienced in the last three years. Using my professional design and story tools, I was able to use storytelling as a way to not only process the challenging events, but combined with psychology tools, the stories I created helped me heal the trauma in direct ways.

Reverse engineering the process, I was able to recreate steps for others to use as well. Helping them to create stories that empower them in life and work.
at a glance
Find Your Story
look within
  • Identify an Aha Moment
  • Discover your Archetype
  • Break Down your Lie
Fictionalize Your Story
GAIN perspective
  • Create your Analogy
  • Design your Reality
  • Identify your Resources
Rewrite your Narrative
change the world
  • Align your Environment
  • Ritualize your Routines
  • Integrate your Practice
Once upon a Time

As an aspiring concept artist I was never content with my work, I'd fall out of love with a piece within what felt like minutes. I knew I'd never be able to work in the entertainment industry without feeling like an imposter.

But all that changed when I learned that the missing component to a great timeless design was good STORY.

Because even when I'm just sketching and exploring, each image can represent a purposeful question that I could look back on with gratitude for its role in the process. After that, even imperfect sketches kept their sparkle.
So I decided to master the story and design process and carve out a career that I knew I could succeed in and feel proud of.

I wrote a book on costume design for animation exploring powerful questions to ask when translating a script and it was a huge undertaking (7 years of my life). It filled a void in my industry and created a specialism to market myself with.

Even before the book was published it was already opening up job opportunities I would never have dreamed of...but something was still missing. Something was nagging me in the back of my mind.
At 11, my family lost the house we'd been building from the ground up for 6 years. It was my Dad's dream, his own design. But when it came down to a choice to pay the house payment or pay church tithing, my parents made a decision to stick to their beliefs. And we lost our home.

Instinctually, I learned that when the world doesn't agree with your values, you become homeless. This insidious fear led to a life of pleasing people and obsession with certainty.
Who Am I?

I realized I had become just a reflection of what others would approve or like. Even if I succeeded in a career, how could I love and appreciate it unless I knew it was coming from a fearless me?...that this direction and decision was true to my actual desires? MY story?

So I had to find myself…as an adult in my 30s. Soul searching and therapy helped me weed through some of the confusion. But with every new choice and preference I formed, I risked losing EVERYTHING I had built…my family, my community...even my marriage.  

So I turned to the story and design tools I knew I could rely on to process what I was going through...
Find courage by looking into the unknown to form a story of meaning and impact. 
Step 1 of the Parallax Method is to FIND YOUR STORY using a simplified story structure inspired by Hero's Journey in combination with Enneagram.

To start we will
Identify an Aha Moment, then Discover your Archetype, before using story structure to Break Down your Lie. Each exercise will serve to clarify and elevate your personal story.

Calm your mind and ponder your responses. Once you have your results, you can apply your insights to empower your life and work.
Personal development advocates can use this step to clarify their sense of self, while Storytellers can use this to inspire emotionally authentic fiction, and Entrepreneurs can use this to drive media bios or memoirs.
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...this culminated in a fictional story I called Parallax. A tale based on my experiences that give me enough distance from the trauma to examine my emotions from a new perspective.
Amplify your creative soul by exploring your authentic experience through the lens of fiction
Step 2 of the Parallax Method is to FICTIONALIZE YOUR STORY using professional research approaches in combination with the Talking Threads book to guide your world-building.

To start we will
Create your Analogy, then Design Your Reality, before calling back to our story tools to Identify Your Resources. Each exercise will serve to channel and express your intuitive resources so you can create an empowering fictional story, cast of characters, and world.

Once you have your results, you can apply your insights to empower your life and work.
Personal development advocates can use this to gain distance and gain fresh perspective, while Storytellers can use this to create immersive believable worlds, and Entrepreneurs can use this to direct creative visual identities or logo design.
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The Power of Fiction

Later, when my therapist introduced EMDR therapy and asked me to create fictional characters to use as an aid, one jumped straight from my fictional story. Clear and strong, because I had not only written it down, I had developed and visualized the character in my creative process.

That character from my story, a powerful black dog, symbolized the protector I needed to help me find my boundaries again and heal my trauma.
Our dog Freya now provides a daily reminder of my power to set boundaries
Take more purpose driven action by slowing down to tune into your inner voice  
Step 3 of the Parallax Method is to REWRITE YOUR NARRATIVE using concepts from EMDR therapy and Ikigai.

To begin
Integrating your Practice: Choose a Trigger, then Rewrite your Narrative, before using Ikigai to Reset Your Direction. Each exercise will serve to break down your limiting beliefs and empower you to see new paths to your goals.

Once you have your results, you can apply your insights to empower your life and work.
Build confidence by using your creations and insights to help you overcome your fears, set powerful goals, and manifest your dreams.
To Rewrite your Narrative and Reset your Direction, find more tips and insights in my newsletter! 
Rewrite your Narrative, Change the World

And because I had already learned how to break down creative processes for others, I was able to crystallize the creative methodology that had helped me find, fictionalize and "rewrite" my own narrative. Combining storytelling, design, and psychology to drive powerful breakthroughs and generate empowering content.

Now I work everyday using design and story, fiction and psychology, to help others who struggle to find and share their voice. Because I believe by facing your fears and rewriting your narrative, you can become the protagonist in your own life.

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Need Guidance?
A 2 hour one on one interview where we will immerse ourselves in your story and I will guide you through the tools, using psychology driven questions and professional storytelling techniques to form the narrative of your personal brand.
Join other passionate entrepreneurs in creating your own brand story using my Story Mine approach. This 3 day bootcamp will introduce you to the tools I use in my signature process. Each day will consist of lectures, demos, zoom breakout room exercises, and Q&As.

For coaches and strategists looking to improve their client interviewing skills or brand story skills. Using a blend of writing exercises and visualization techniques, you will be led through the same process I used to master my signature Story Mine approach. Allowing you to more quickly find narrative threads in your client's stories, and gain more confidence in your ability to help them articulate their story and purpose.

For artists and storytellers, I offer 12 week mentorships to deep dive into each stage of the method. With the added element of design exercises to help you develop an original fictional story you can share with the world. The online course consists weekly 1 on 1 meetings to provide personal feedback, with weekly group meetings to provide valuable feedback and pitch practice.
it’s not about relying on the story structure or psychology to tell stories,
it’s about using these tools to articulate and elevate the stories you intuitively create.