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Story Mine is a storytelling strategy session leveraging enneagram archetypes and Hollywood story structures to help define your personal brand story.

Whether I’m guiding you through your first steps of telling your story or helping you elevate your skills, I provide a structured process in a shame-free, inquisitive, and open-minded environment so you can focus your energy on what matters most...expressing your story.
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Custom Brand Story
2 Hour Intensive
  • 2 hour interview where I will deep dive to identify and crystalize your core brand story
  • Recording of the interview for you to refer back to
  • A downloadable document with various templates to leverage your new personal brand story
DIY Brand Story
3-day BootCamp
  • Learn and apply the techniques I use to identify brand stories
  • Practice in group settings and get your questions answered
  • Leave with a finished DIY brand story document and resources to help you repeat the process in the future.
Master the Method
  • Deep dive into the Enneagram and Story Circle to master all 9 archetypal story arcs.
  • Equip yourself with powerful templates and tips
  • Learn strategies to elevate your client interviewing skills
Custom Brand Story now OPEN for Applications!
custom brand story
A 2 hour one on one interview where we will immerse ourselves in your story. Drawing from your past for context, exploring your present to understand your transformation, and identifying the future goals that clarify your motivation and intentions. Once I have a clear vision of a narrative thread we can create, I will guide you through the tools, using psychology driven questions and professional storytelling techniques to form the narrative of your personal brand.
You will receive:
2022 applicants will also receive 2 templates breaking down how to create email and social media content using the story and tools provided in the document.
No longer just a supporting character.

You are ready to be the protagonist
of your own story by showing up
as the epic world changer that you
DIY brand story
Join other passionate entrepreneurs in creating your own brand story using my Story Mine approach. This 3 day bootcamp will introduce you to the tools I use in my signature process, and demonstrate how you can transform your unique mix of experiences into crystal clear brand narratives. Each day will consist of lectures, demos, zoom breakout room exercises, and Q&As.
By the end of the workshop you will have created the following:
For those who sign up for the waiting list for either session, you will also receive my bonus narrative marketing templates at the end of the bootcamp! 
Introduction to Story and psychology tools. Story drills and Homework Task.
Identifying your Story. Walk you of the full process and demonstration with 3 selected attendees. First pass at breaking down your brand story.
Crystalizing your Brand Story. Workshop your story in small groups and get individualized attention to troubleshoot challenging elements. Finishing with a Group Q&A.
Katie Hawkins
here for Good Films
"I really loved Jessie Kate's approach to storytelling. The Lie/Truth approach really helped put my story into a framework I can easily share it pieces or in whole. She helped me refine and clarify key points in my own story that I haven't been able to see myself. She did a really great job of helping me see and find the words to tell my own story rather than simply telling it for me. Now I can easily share my story more confidently, clearly and tailor it quickly and on the fly to fit any situation I find myself in as a business owner.."
Master the Method - for coaches & brand strategists
For coaches and strategists looking to improve their client interviewing skills or brand story skills. Using a blend of writing exercises and visualization techniques, you will be led through the same process I used to master my signature Story Mine approach. Allowing you to more quickly find narrative threads in your client's stories, and gain more confidence in your ability to help them articulate their story and purpose.
12 modules of lessons can be finished at your own pace and by the end of the lessons, you will have created:
12 modules of lessons can be finished at your own pace and by the end of the lessons, you will have created:
For those who sign up for the waiting list, you will also receive a bonus lesson covering story and psychology-driven techniques for VISUAL story branding.
Would you believe me if I told you I moved more than 20 times in my life? Growing up, my dad was self-employed and we moved, a lot. To this day I am constantly flummoxed when I need to remember an old address for any reason. On the bright side, it made me pretty resilient, recovering from curveballs in life.

And along the way, my education ranged from unschooling, homeschool, public school, community college, university, online courses and teaching myself...all before youtube was a convenient option. I learned to be resourceful, approaching problems from many different angles, learning how to learn, and customizing approaches on the fly to adapt to new needs. And now I'm using those skills to help you as well!
What you leave with
Summarizing your story into 8 major moments that you can draw from again and again for a variety of brand needs or self development.
Story Archetype Summaries
Relatable story archetypes based in Enneagram to help you articulate your story more efficiently, identify more relevant research to expand your story or brand mission, and develop strong art direction, metaphors, and symbols to elevate your story in enticing ways.
Story Gems
Story samples in various lengths to help guide the telling of your story; Whether you need them for PR, About Pages, Speaker bios, or Presentations.
Tips & Tricks
Templates and cheatsheets to help create your own story gems and guide your own story mining for future campaigns or personal evolution.
Interested in empowering your story with
visuals or fictional metaphors?

Check out Story Medium!