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Create an original fictional story and designs inspired by your unique point of view & a pitch deck that empowers you to share it with the world. All while gaining tactical business strategies to help you position yourself as a professional, and discovering story and art driven mental health resources that improve your confidence, work/life balance so you can achieve that elusive flow state.

Join the Parallax Method 12 Month self-paced course
Find Your Story
clarify your point of view
  • Your 3 core Story Moments
  • The 9 Story Archetypes
  • Plot and Theme using the Story Circle
  • Story Development Drills for Each Archetype
Fictionalize Your Story
tune into your unique style
  • Discovering your Fictional Concept
  • Worldbuilding
  • Developing your Core Cast
  • Fictional World Building drills for each Archetype
Rewrite Your Narrative
discover your flow state
  • Designing your Story World
  • Developing your Workflow
  • Creating Authentic Complexity in your Story
  • Episode / Scene Drills
36 Recorded video lessons
Video lessons break down complex storytelling concepts and challenges into digestible steps, tips, exercises, walk throughs of templates, and written versions of the lessons for reference and accessibility.
12 demos
Work on a project with me as I demonstrate how to execute the month’s exercises and talk through each of my decisions.
12 q&A Sessions
Submit your questions or homework ahead of each session and I will go through each of them in the call providing feedback or solutions. Listen along live to add follow up questions in the chat or listen back to recording when it fits your schedule.
online community chat
Connect with classmates, set up accountability jam sessions, or share your insights with the group.
  • 36 Video Lessons
  • 12 Recorded Demonstrations
  • 12 Q&A Sessions
  • Community Chat
  • + Bonus: Business Templates
  • + Bonus: Mental Health Exercises
  • + Bonus: Recorded Podcast or Written Interview at the end of your project to share
$1,800 TOTAL
  • 36 Video Lessons
  • 12 Recorded Demonstrations
  • 12 Q&A Sessions
  • Community Chat
  • + Bonus: Business Templates
  • + Bonus: Mental Health Exercises
$2,100 TOTAL
  • 36 Video Lessons
  • 12 Recorded Demonstrations
  • 12 Q&A Sessions
  • Community Chat
Get out of hustle and into flow by taking the time to stabilize your creative voice, skills, and workflow
Madeline Abatemarco
Character Designer
"I've never actually had a class that guided me through the very beginning of stumbling upon and developing an idea to the ending portions where things become more and more refined, and it's more about just adding the little finishing touches. To me, that has been so, so, SO very valuable and cherished, and it's showed me not only how to actually conceptualize costume, but environments, characters, painting methods, color, and so much more."
find your story
Transform personal experiences into authentic thematic arcs and believable fictional worlds. Using Dan Harmon's Story Circle (based on the Hero’s Journey) and Enneagram as a guide, we will refine your ability to form clear character’s arcs, and build a strong relationship between characters and their world.
By the end of month 4, you will learn:
As an educator for entertainment industry students and professionals, I found and filled a void in story & design education. I gathered a team to create a book, co-taught History of Fashion at Art Center College of Design, and created mentorships to break down story, design, and worldbuilding questions to empower the goals behind each project.

Now I'm sharing my techniques, strategies, and templates to help you identify a void and use your story to make real impact on your life.

“Talking Threads is a costume designer’s treasure chest, an overflowing trove of precious information, golden rules, and pearls of wisdom.’”
IAIN MCCAIG (Star Wars Artist)

fictionalize your story
Set an art direction for your project that will compliment and amplify your story's theme. Moving forward with your 8 beat outline, we will combine Enneagram with visual research techniques with to discover your story's visual tone and style. Using costume and interior design concepts we will refine your your character's emotional evolution through visual insights.
By the end of month 8, you will learn: 
Do you struggle to tell your story? 

We all take different paths to learn our craft so you may have the odd gap in information, or pressure to be further along than you are...but in this course, we take our time and work from where you are today.

Whether I’m guiding you through your first steps of telling your story or helping you elevate your skills, I provide a structured process in a shame-free, inquisitive, and open-minded environment so you can focus your energy on what matters most...expressing your story.
MONTH 9-12
rewrite your narrative
Share and amplify your creative voice with the world in ways that are healthy and sustainable. Design, strategize and focus on leveraging what you’ve created to achieve your personal goals.
By the end of the mentorship you will have: 


12 Month Course
An Original Story
Pitch Deck
Portfolio Pieces
Personal Brand Identity Guide
Daily Workflow Routine
Social Media Content
Connections w/ Other Creatives
12 month program
36 video lessons
12 recorded demonstrations
12 Q&A Sessions
Community Chat
1:1 Shareable Interview
Tons of downloadable templates!
Course Kicks off January 1st 2023
You may have grown up with limited resources...you may be a chronic overthinker...or you may just feel like you aren’t interesting enough to have a story to tell.

I can relate.
And I can guide you through the process that finally helped me overcome those limitations, all while customizing it to suit your needs as they arise. 
Would you believe me if I told you I moved more than 20 times in my life? Growing up, my dad was self-employed and we moved, a lot. To this day I am constantly flummoxed when I need to remember an old address for any reason. On the bright side, it made me pretty resilient, recovering from curveballs in life.

And along the way, my education ranged from unschooling, homeschool, public school, community college, university, online courses and teaching myself...all before youtube was a convenient option. I learned to be resourceful, approaching problems from many different angles, learning how to learn, and customizing approaches on the fly to adapt to new needs. And now I'm using those skills to help you as well!
Already have a story but need to brand yourself for pitches?

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