Coaching, training, templates, and workbooks
to help you make the most of your signature
brand story, and direct your team with clarity and consistency.
Build your personal brand story guide
with Jessie Kate Bui, story & design expert.
Teresa Hildebrand
Clarity + Life Coach
"As an entrepreneur, it’s critical for people to know, like, and trust the person behind the brand and the best way to do that is by sharing your story in many different ways, and Jessie Kate Bui is an expert at this. She not only gave me a structure to follow moving forward for storytelling, she curated bits and pieces of my journey and created a beautiful personal guide I can refer to. Her knowledge and incorporation of the Enneagram types is amazing and she masterfully takes you through her 8 beat story circle to deepen your message for your audience. You will walk away learning so much more about yourself (a bonus I didn’t expect) and the tools needed to share your story on any platform, making you stand out as an entrepreneur."
How can a huge crew of diverse creatives make an inspiring and impactful Hollywood blockbuster without everything becoming pure chaos? With a visionary director, a strong story, and a strategic producer. Take one of these roles away and you end up losing money, clarity, or impact. They drive the teams, helping each designer, actor, or crew member stay in sync to create one singular vision.

With a background training storytellers and designers in the entertainment industry, I'm now bringing professional storytelling and design insights to female and underrepresented Entrepreneurs. I come in when you have the business vision and brand strategy but your story is still a fog. Elevating that one piece so that you can be an all in one badass Director/Producer/Creator solopreneur or run a huge team that can efficiently create content that consistently aligns with your brand story.
I'm Jessie Kate Bui. I help female creatives, underrepresented storytellers, and entrepreneurs access their inner voice, amplify their creative soul, and discover how to tell stories with meaning and impact.
As an educator for entertainment industry students and professionals, I found and filled a void in story & design education. I gathered a team to create a book, co-taught History of Fashion at Art Center College of Design, and created mentorships to break down story, design, and worldbuilding questions to empower the goals behind each project.

Now I'm sharing my techniques, strategies, and templates to help you identify a void and use your story to make real impact on your life.

“Talking Threads is a costume designer’s treasure chest, an overflowing trove of precious information, golden rules, and pearls of wisdom.’”
IAIN MCCAIG (Star Wars Artist)

Paula Guimaraes
Designer & Art Director
"Besides giving us an incredibly rare content with academic quality, Jessie’s mentorship took me on a personal and creative journey beyond my every expectations. As intended from the beginning, I ended these 12 weeks with a well developed original story and costume concepts for my portfolio, but we did so much more than that! I also learned many creative strategies for brainstorming, exploring ideas, and a hardly ever present self-compassionate approach during the creative process."
Now I use the same psychology tools and strong story and design principles, to help you build a signature identity narrative that will empower your brand! Step by step, question by question, we will discover and explore your narrative. I’ll equip you with tools and mindset shifts to help you combat the roadblocks along the way.

As an entrepreneur you've learned that creating a strong brand takes more than just checking off a list of to dos, it takes vulnerability.  

Mastery takes time.
Sharing the results takes bravery.
Navigating the journey when your insecurities rise up along the way takes commitment.

And you’re ready to commit to yourself. You've done the work, stepped into the fog to face your fears and change your fate. Now you're ready to tell that story.
  • Interview
  • Discovery of your 3 major story moments and your story's core message
  • Guidance through the Story Circle structure and Enneagram as we outline your brand story's plot and theme
  • Your Call recording and Story Summary
  • Copy templates (25-50, 75-150, 200-300 word count variations)
  • 56 page workbook for content creation prompts, campaign strategies, instagram planning, memoir drafting.
  • Follow up 1:1 workshopping call where we can work on anything you'd like.
  • Access to 3 live group workshops with other intensive clients
  • Access to all past and future workshop recordings
Lily Ro
Organized Chaos
Katie Hawkins
Here For Good Films
"I really loved Jessie Kate's approach to storytelling. The Lie/Truth approach really helped put my story into a framework I can easily share it pieces or in whole. She helped me refine and clarify key points in my own story that I haven't been able to see myself. She did a really great job of helping me see and find the words to tell my own story rather than simply telling it for me. Now I can easily share my story more confidently, clearly and tailor it quickly and on the fly to fit any situation I find myself in as a business owner.."
Curious what it would be like to work with me?
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Embody your Desires to Find your Story

Strong story inspiration comes from the truth of human experience so by living life with honest and courageous pursuit of your desires, you will find the messages most meaningful to you and people like you.

Find your Archetype to Clarify your Value

By processing your struggles and insights through archetypes, you can more clearly articulate your unique perspective, explore new ways to process your business challenges, and connect with others more authentically. Allowing you to design new ways to approach those challenges, and transform your perception of self.

Rewrite your Narrative to Elevate your Direction

Compliment your passion with healthy sustainable processes. High quality resources, long term strategies, research tactics, and curation techniques allow you to strike a healthier work/life balance so you can amplify your story truth in all aspects of your life.

Manifest your Worth to Actualize your Vision

Channel everything you have learning and developed into a bold story that dares to face the world unashamed. By projecting your clarified intentions and opinions into the world, you can gain more focused insight into the impact of your presence and find new (more actionable) ways to overcome future challenges.