But where do you start?
Imagine a story about a compelling protagonist with a message that resonates...written by you
By telling a story of how you became the awesome person you are today.
Learning to be the protagonist in my life has been my biggest challenge. I pushed myself into the background again and again, making all the mistakes as I tried to conquer my passivity and get my life in order. Each day I learned to face my fears with a little more patience and courage...but when I taught myself how to transform my own emotional journeys into fictional narratives, I ended up with a badass set of tools that have helped me face my challenges in both life and work.

Not to mention resulting in a story I was passionate about, and confidence that I could create something that could have real impact on the world.
I'm Jessie Kate Bui. I help female creatives, underrepresented storytellers, and entrepreneurs access their inner voice, amplify their creative soul, and discover how to tell stories with meaning and impact.
I'm here to
help you do
the same.
Your journey, strengths, and weaknesses are unique to you, and as you clarify your story it can serve to reveal a void that your story or talents can fill. By using psychology tools and strong design principles, we can give you a strong foundation to articulate your vision and fill that void.
When my passion for identity narrative and love of design revealed a void in costume design education in animation, I gathered a team and filled it by creating a BOOK

But storytelling takes more than just learning techniques,
it takes vulnerability.  

Mastery takes time.

Sharing the results takes bravery.

Navigating the journey when your insecurities rise up along the way takes commitment.
And you’re ready to commit to yourself. Step by step, question by question, we will discover and explore your story. Week by week, I’ll equip you with tools and mindset shifts to help you combat the roadblocks along the way.

tap into your power to impact the world
By facing your fears and creative roadblocks from a fresh perspective through my 3 step PARALLAX method, you can more confidently rewrite the narrative you tell yourself and others. You'll leave with the clarity you need to make more immersive fictional narratives, innovative products, and powerful impact on your daily life.
a transformative storytelling approach
Find Your Story
  • Study 9 archetypal story arcs using Enneagram
  • Analyze films and tv to elevate your technique
  • Create a 24 beat story outline of your own original story
Fictionalize Your Story
  • Learn research techniques to give your story a believable fictional setting
  • Analyze design and symbols to develop a look and feel
  • Create visual subtext through major locations, props, & character concepts
Rewrite Your Narrative
  • Leverage your story to create strategies that empower your life.
  • Set a new direction that uses you insights to empower your work.
  • Create a custom sustainable process to encourage flow state
Paula Guimaraes
Designer & Art Director
"Besides giving us an incredibly rare content with academic quality, Jessie’s mentorship took me on a personal and creative journey beyond my every expectations. As intended from the beginning, I ended these 12 weeks with a well developed original story and costume concepts for my portfolio, but we did so much more than that! I also learned many creative strategies for brainstorming, exploring ideas, and a hardly ever present self-compassionate approach during the creative process."
Drawing from Hollywood story structures and Enneagram archetypes,
I'll guide you through the tools and processes I use to achieve creative flow.
curiosity is my superpower
The more power I find in telling in my own story, the more I realize that everyone has a story to tell, big or small. Each with the possibility of transforming the way we all see the world. So get ready for TONS of questions and lots of investment in helping you express your unique point of view.

Looking for story consulting services, workshops or self-directed courses? Check out my STORY MINE offerings crafted for creatives, entrepreneurs, and coaches.
  crystal clear narratives
Custom Brand Story
2 Hour Intensive
  • 2 hour interview where I will deep dive to identify and crystalize your core brand story
  • Recording of the interview for you to refer back to
  • A downloadable document with various templates to leverage your story
DIY Brand Story
3-day BootCamp
  • Learn and apply the techniques I use to identify brand stories
  • Practice in group settings and get your questions answered
  • Leave with a finished DIY brand story document and resources to help you repeat the process in the future.
Master the Method
  • Deep dive into the Enneagram and Story Circle to master all 9 archetypal story arcs.
  • Equip yourself with powerful templates and tips
  • Learn strategies to elevate your client interviewing skills
Curious what it would be like to work with me?
get ready to...

Embody your Desires to Find your Story

The strongest story inspiration comes from the truth of human experience so by living life with honest and courageous pursuit of your desires, you will find the messages most meaningful to you and people like you.

Fictionalize your Story to Design your Reality

By learning from the past and channeling it into your fictional story, you can revisit it with fresh perspective and use the power of metaphor, symbol, and stylization to explore new ways to process your challenges and connect with others. Allowing you to design new ways to approach those challenges, and transform your perception of self.

Rewrite your Narrative to Elevate your Direction

As creatives, creating a playground for your imagination to flourish requires structure and respect for your physical environment and mental health. Bringing the same passion that you apply to your creativity into your organization, mental health, fitness, and nutrition will help you establish a strong foundations. Complimenting it with high quality resources, research tactics, and curation techniques to allow you to optimize your process in more sustainable ways.

Manifest your Worth to Actualize your Vision

Channelling everything you have learning and developed into a bold statement that dares to face the world unashamed. By projecting your intentions and opinions into the world, you can gain insight into the impact of your presence and find new (more actionable) ways to overcome your limitations