IP Development + Design Coach

I teach underrepresented creatives how to articulate their emotional journeys into empowering visual stories and be the protagonist of their own lives. Because helping people conquer limitations, whether mental or physical, fuels my soul.

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Embody your Desires to Find your Story

The strongest story inspiration comes from the truth of human experience so by living life with honest and courageous pursuit of your desires, you will find the messages most meaningful to you and people like you.


Rewrite your Narrative to Design your Reality

By learning from the past and channeling it into your fictional story, you can revisit it with fresh perspective and use the power of metaphor, symbol, and stylization to explore new ways to process your challenges and connect with others. Allowing you to design new ways to approach those challenges, and transform your perception of self.


Balance your Energy to Elevate your Direction

As creatives, creating a playground for you imagination to flourish requires structure and respect for your physical environment and mental health. Bringing the same passion that you apply to your creativity into your organization, mental health, fitness, and nutrition will help you establish a strong foundations. Complimenting it with high quality resources, research tactics, and curation techniques to allow you to optimize your process in more sustainable ways.


Manifest your Worth to Actualize your Vision

Channelling everything you have learning and developed into a bold statement that dares to face the world unashamed. By projecting your intentions and opinions into the world, you can gain insight into the impact of your presence and find new (more actionable) ways to overcome your limitations

open your mind
to new possibilities