Cultures throughout history have used fictional metaphors and symbols to help guide us to overcome challenges in life. From Shamans to Storytelling to Psychology, it is a reliable method to speak to our collective consciousness and heal humanity.

Healthy, stable, storytellers can impact the world by providing nuanced perspectives and powerful metaphors that break down the lies (limiting beliefs) in societies that lead to stigmatization, unstable homes, broken relationships, and loss of personal expression.


Hedge studio helps diverse storytellers transform from struggling creative to confident director so they can celebrate their presence and share their unique perspectives with the world. By drawing from the rich traditions of the past and modernizing them with the PARALLAX METHOD, Hedge Studio is able to create holistic educational resources, empowering physical products, and inspiring entertainment media.

Heal the storyteller, heal the world

Each phase of the business takes creatives through a new step of their journey to confidence. Starting with the struggling creative, Hedge Studio launched a storytelling and design training program in 2023 and has a series of educational books in various stages of development.
Educational books and a training program to empower them with techniques to create their own story.
A media studio that inspires audiences to overcome their limiting beliefs, while providing real world jobs.
Lifestyle products to help them execute and refine their approach to mindfulness and emotional regulation.
A creative support system that helps them actualize their ideas by providing funding and guidance.

Using familiar tools, Jessie Kate Bui's signature "Parallax Method" supports creatives with their self-image to facilitate long-lasting change.

Too many diverse storytellers are not only struggling with limited opportunities, they are facing damage to their self image that makes it more difficult to create with confidence.

Using familiar storytelling tools that these creatives ALREADY USE for craft and escapism allows us to QUICKLY TRANSFORM them to enhance self-image, emotional regulation, and self-sufficiency.

The Parallax Method combines concepts from narrative and art therapy, professional storytelling techniques, personal branding strategies, and lifestyle design to create a new hybrid approach to storytelling.

Helping storytellers develop a holistic creative process that empowers them to develop a heathier self image, and nurture self trust, to face the ever changing challenges in their industry.



Learn how to clarify your direction, identify your strengths, and amplify your voice through Ikigai, a modified Story Circle, and Enneagram archetypes. Helping you build confidence in your purpose and point of view.


Gain new perspective by exploring your experiences through the lens of fiction. Using professional story-driven research approaches in combination with the Talking Threads book to guide your plot, world-building, and design. Helping you create a story brimming with authenticity, meaning, and impact.


Using concepts from art, narrative, and EMDR therapy, transform your fictional story into a real world tool that supports you to tune into your inner voice. Helping you develop mindful workflows, supportive environments, and more easily reset back into a more confident self when challenges come your way.

Jessie Kate has already used this approach in the Story Medium course, helping past and current mentees to: 

○ Nurture hope in their potential through inspirational and relatable stories.

○ Regain trust in their inner voice so they can create their own unique IPs and direct them with confidence.

○ Identify custom workflows that level up their craft in ways that compliment their personality, neurotype, and learning styles.

○ Use storytelling to enhance their emotional regulation, self-sufficiency, and therapy sessions so they can tackle imposter syndrome before it derails their progress.

○ Improve their emotional intelligence so they can create more authentic character arcs, strategic art direction, and empowering leadership approaches.

○ Maintain a heathier self image and master their process so they can more quickly adapt to a rapidly changing industry



The transformative power of storytelling is real, at both a personal and societal level. It has the power to inspire and activate change in across ages, races, cultures, genders, and neurotypes. The power of story is not limited to one type of medium either; animation can help an adult nurture stronger relationships with a partner, a comic can inspire a CEO's business strategy, and action games can teach philosophical principles to a child. It is limitless and truly magickal.

Being open and curious helps nurture trust, innovation, abundance, progression, and collaboration. When we honestly seek to understand, even negative feedback can become an empowering source of insight. As a leader, if you stay curious when challenged, it can prompt clarifying questions that often lead to discovering a deeper unresolved issue that can help unlock exponential positive impact on a team, project, or process.

Supporting underrepresented stories nurtures a healthier, more balanced, society. By sharing a greater variety of perspectives and exploring diverse visual styles, we dramatically increase the power of story to break down the stigmas or emotional barriers that that get in the way of meaningful connection, communication, and progression.

Inclusivity is a priority in all Hedge Studio's content and workflows. By drawing from universal design concepts, flexible approaches, and working 1:1 with underrepresented creatives, we can develop customized workflows that provide models for more diverse types of creative leadership. Sharing case studies of the workflows openly with the public to empower a wider range of personality types and neurotypes to become confident directors.

By preventing burnout and providing more time to experience life, creatives can tap into new insights organically and bring fresh ideas that keep projects moving. To facilitate this, we support creatives to develop a holistic understanding of their own unique creative process and the context of their role within a pipeline. Providing them with resources to improve their craft mastery so they can efficiently finish tasks within work hours while encouraging them to communicate needs and boundaries that will protect their health and personal life.

Creating clear direction for your story and your team is like building a playground. By setting healthy boundaries, a stable foundation, and clear direction with patience, transparency, flexibility, and thoroughness on the front end, it encourages a sense of play in your team as they explore translating the story world into impactful visuals. Improving pleasure in the process and quality in the result.