Cultures throughout history have used fictional metaphors and symbols to help guide us to overcome challenges in life. From Shamans to Storytelling to Psychology, it is a reliable method to speak to our collective consciousness and heal humanity.

Healthy, stable, storytellers can impact the world by providing nuanced perspectives and powerful metaphors that break down the lies (limiting beliefs) in societies that lead to stigmatization, unstable homes, broken relationships, and loss of personal expression.


Educating, inspiring, activating and facilitating the use a low cost, accessible, and customizable storytelling method that combines Hollywood story techniques and psychology tools to help creative individuals heal poor self image and stabilize their lives. Freeing them to share their story without fear, develop their original ideas without shame, and stabilize their work life balance without frustration.
Educational books and a training program to help them understand the method and create their own story.
A media studio that inspires audiences to overcome their limiting beliefs, while providing real world jobs.
Lifestyle products to help them execute and refine their approach to mindfulness and emotional regulation.
A creative support system that helps them actualize their ideas by providing funding and guidance.

Using familiar tools, the "Parallax Method" supports creatives with their self-image to facilitate long-lasting change.

Using familiar storytelling tools that these creatives ALREADY USE for craft and escapism allows us to QUICKLY TRANSFORM them to enhance therapy, emotional regulation, and self-sufficiency.

The Parallax Method combines narrative and art therapy, brand story strategy, creative industry education, and opportunity to create a new hybrid space.

Helping creatives develop a holistic process that helps them to develop a heathier self image and nurture self trust to face the fast approaching threats to their industry.